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Licensed Therapist

Shelby County/Metro Birmingham, AL

Role: Licensed Therapist

Organization: Regional, Health Services Nonprofit

Status: Full-Time/In-Person

Position Summary

The Outpatient Licensed Therapist administers individual counseling sessions, diagnoses patients, and manages crises with children, adolescents, and adults. This person will need to effectively communicate with community partners and demonstrate comfort and proficiency in mentoring individuals. This position requires a compassionate and skilled professional dedicated to providing therapy and support to clients of all ages.


This position is based in Shelby County/Metro Birmingham, but applicants may reside in Central Alabama.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Master’s Degree or above from an accredited college or university in psychology, social work, counseling, or other behavioral health area

  • Coursework equivalent to a degree in counseling, psychology, or social work

  • Two years post master’s clinical experience

  • LICSW or LPS required

Specific Responsibilities & Performance Expectations


Provides direct services to consumers

  • Learn and utilize company policies and procedures

  • Provide direct services to the clients

  • Complete CANS Training as needed 

  • Ensure that all necessary information is obtained at the intake interview.

  • Render accurate diagnoses based on available information and according to DMH Standards.

  • Provide individualized therapy according to local and accepted professional standards.

  • Utilize all means to follow-up with clients in the event of missed or canceled appointments.

  • Conduct psychosocial evaluations according to accepted professional and ethical standards for clients pending admission to various treatment facilities.

  • Exercise proper judgment as to when and where clients are referred and overall interaction with clients and their families/supports. 

  • Documentation is concise, accurate, and is entered within 24 hours of all services rendered.

  • Meet assigned quarterly average for billable direct services.

  • Maintain and provide accurate consultation to community agencies.

  • Assure prompt and appropriate response in emergencies.

Maintain and provide liaison and education for the Center, other partner/community agencies, and the general public

  • Consultation and education presentations are presented in an effective and professional manner.

  • Presentations are accurately targeted toward the audience.

  • Effectively serve as a positive advocate for mental health services in the agency’s catchment area.

Maintain and improve Professional Skills

  • Attend and actively participate in professional workshops, in service trainings, and Quality Assurance reviews.

  • Read current professional periodicals.

  • Effectively utilize supervisors, managers, and fellow staff members for consultation as appropriate.

  • Any other duties, clinical or non-clinical, as assigned by immediate supervisor or Executive Leadership

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